Principles for Effective Management and Supervision


Many transit industry managers and supervisors step into their leadership roles with inadequate training and preparation. But leadership skills can be learned. This course examines fundamental and advanced leadership actions, behaviors, and principles and presents concepts for those in leadership positions to motivate, coach, lead, and communicate with their teams, peers, and executive management.  This dynamic, highly interactive course will require participants to be introspective and consider typical work scenarios through the eyes of their team members. Participants will learn skills facilitated by practicing leaders and executive coaches and be challenged to be deliberate about their leadership activities and be mindful of their behaviors that impact team cohesion and collaboration.


At the end of this training, each participant will be able to:

  • Examine lessons from accomplished leaders throughout history and evaluate ­­how those leadership concepts resonate today;
  • Understand and explore the core responsibilities of a manager or supervisor
  • Learn how to shift perspective, and think and operate from the viewpoint of a manager or supervisor;
  • Practice leadership behaviors with the guidance of experienced coaches and with peers from across the nation;
  • Understand when and how to apply targeted communication and conflict management strategies;
  • Recognize when and how to apply coaching techniques and develop skills to deliver effective feedback and “feedforward”;
  • Explore the unique challenges of managing former peers and employees from different generations; and
  • Learn to motivate and engage themselves and their teams.

Target Audience:

  • New managers or supervisors
  • Experienced managers or supervisors who want to enhance and improve their leadership skills
  • Employees aspiring to become managers or supervisors


Duration: 16 hours, 4 separate, online 4-hour sessions Monday – Thursday
Contact: Amy Gornik
Audience: Current frontline workers interested in becoming supervisors/manage. Any person who supervisors other people who wants to improve their leadership, communication, and managerial skills