Transit Academy


The National Transit Institute (NTI) “Transit Academy” is a comprehensive, behind-the-scenes, study of the nation’s most innovative transit systems. Academy participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the scope of responsibilities, variety of skills, and range of activities that work in unison within a world-class transit agency to deliver safe, efficient mobility services.

The Academy is presented using lectures, discussion roundtables, demonstrations, and facility tours. Participants will hear and learn directly from experienced transit leaders as key transit agency personnel serve as Academy instructors and facilitators, sharing the successes and challenges of the host agency. The program agenda transforms the entire Academy host agency into a learning laboratory.


The Academy is intended for: (1) professionals that have recently entered the transit industry and would benefit from in-depth exposure to transit experts and learning about transit operational and administrative practices and (2) veteran transit professionals who have worked in a specific function in an agency and who would benefit from understanding how various transit agency departments / divisions complement and support one another.

Participants will:

  • Learn how the many functions within an agency work together to deliver safe and reliable transit service and how regional partners also support transit service
  • Participate in briefings and discussions, led by transit leaders, about critical industry issues and trends
  • Learn how federal/state/local policy decisions affect transit operations, agency administration, and funding levels of a transit agency
  • Tour bus/rail operations and control centers and engage in Q&A with staff
  • Tour bus/rail maintenance facilities and engage in Q&A with maintenance supervisors
  • Tour major transit multimodal centers
  • Ride the Academy host agency bus/train system to gain valuable insight relating to routes and schedules

Length: 4.5 days


  • $450.00 for Consulting, Contractor, Emergency Management, Federal (USA only), Local (USA only), Non-Profit (USA only), Non-USA Transportation or Government Agency, Other, Transit (USA only), State (USA only).


Contact: Amy Gornik