Introduction to Paratransit Management and Operations


The goal of this course is to teach transit professionals the skills needed to effectively manage and operate paratransit services.


Participants in this course will learn:

  • History of demand response service and where the industry is today
  • The relationship between managing and providing paratransit service
  • Developing policies and procedures for your paratransit department
  • Management functions needed to operate paratransit service, including planning, resource availability, staffing, scheduling, budgeting, and performance evaluation
  • Operating techniques to provide paratransit service, including contracting vs. in-house, brokerages and call center operations, route deviation, taxi supplements, and feeder service
  • Scheduling techniques that are based on your agency’s resources and local transit environment
  • Controlling costs and billing methods
  • Technology’s role in paratransit service
  • Customer service throughout the paratransit department

The course is facilitated by industry professionals with extensive experience in paratransit service and the ADA.


Duration: Online, 4 days, Monday -Thursday, 1:00pm - 5:00pm Eastern daily
Contact: Myrna Sirleaf
Audience: This course is intended for people who manage or operate paratransit services. This is a comprehensive course. The content is geared for people who have experience working with paratransit services.