Introduction to Transit Asset Management (Tier I Agencies)

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Transit asset management represents a strategic approach to managing transit assets. It focuses on an agency’s business processes for resource allocation and utilization with the objective of better decision-making based upon quality information and well-defined objectives. The key principles of asset management represent a perspective that a transit operator can adopt in looking at its current procedures and seeing how better decisions on assets can be made with better information. This course provides an overview of key principles and best practices of transit asset management, as well as guidance on compliance with federal regulations (49 CFR 625), for Tier I providers. Tier I providers are defined in 49 CFR 625.5 as federal transit funding recipients that own, operate, or manage either (1) one hundred and one or more vehicles in revenue service during peak regular service across all fixed route modes or in any one non-fixed route mode, or (2) rail transit.


This course is directed at junior- and mid-level managers of Tier I providers, who are involved in the day-to-day operation and use of transit assets including rolling stock, guideway, and facilities to perform their duties. The individuals attending this course could be in the operations, maintenance, facilities, infrastructure, capital projects, grants, planning and financial areas. The course may also be of interests to individuals from federal, state, and regional funding agencies, MPOs, and state and regional agencies involved in transit.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the benefits of asset management
  • Develop a comprehensive baseline of Asset Management concepts and FTA regulation
  • Advance asset management implementation at participants’ transit agencies
  • Apply requirements of 49 CFR 625


The goal of this course is to improve asset management in the transit industry and to increase compliance with the Final Rule on Transit Asset Management (49 CFR 625).

Length: 3.0 days

CEUs: 2.0


Myrna Sirleaf