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This course is a cooperative effort among the Federal Highway Administration (both the FHWA Office of Planning and the National Highway Institute), the Federal Transit Administration and the National Transit Institute. This course provides a general introduction and overview of the metropolitan transportation planning process. It covers the basic concepts, products, and participants in the process. The training program teaches both procedural and substantive aspects of the metropolitan transportation planning process as well as some “best practices” and federal requirements.


This course is targeted to planning, transportation planning, programming, and project development staff working or participating in the metropolitan transportation planning process. These professionals will be from MPO’s, state or local DOTs, transit agencies, or federal DOT. They may also be from state or federal resource and regulatory agencies such as EPA, the Army Corps of Engineers, the US Coast Guard, the Fish and Wildlife Service, or the Park Service.


  • To explain why the metropolitan transportation planning process exists and why it is important
  • To identify the requirements of the metropolitan transportation planning process and describe the products
  • To identify the players in the process and describe their roles and responsibilities
  • To distinguish among vision, goals, objectives and measures of effectiveness (MOEs) and describe the proper use of each
  • To explain how to identify transportation needs and problems and how to analyze and evaluate alternative strategies
  • To recognize the components of the “transportation plan” and the transportation improvement program (TIP)
  • To explain relationships between planning and project development
  • To describe why planning is a continuous process, requiring monitoring of the system condition and performance

Length: 3 Days


  • 650.00 for Contractor, Consulting, Non-USA Transportation or Government Agency, Other, Non-Profit (USA only).
  • Free for all others.

CEUs: 1.70


Salendria Mabrey