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Infectious Disease Awareness and Prevention is designed to provide transit employees with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Identify the types of infectious diseases they may encounter
  • Discuss how these diseases are often spread
  • Describe how they can protect themselves and others from these diseases
  • Explain the proper way to dispose of and decontaminate infectious material or contaminated items and areas

To accomplish these objectives, the course integrates lecture, visual aids, participant interaction, and learning activities.

Delivery Options:

Hosted Train-the-Trainer:  This option is for organizations that plan on implementing the training for their employees using their own instructional staff. Participants preview the course and discuss how they can use NTI’s materials to implement it at their organization. NTI provides the instructor and student materials free of charge. The requesting organization is responsible for providing a training location and audio/visual equipment. Each participant receives an Instructor Package that includes an Instructor Guide, Course Slides and Instructor Notes and a Participant Workbook in hard copy and electronic format. A minimum class size of twenty is required.

To request a session, download our Course Request Form and email the completed form to at abadaracco@nti.rutgers.edu or fax it at 732.932.1707.


This course is targeted at transit trainers’ who instruct employees  working directly with the public and those responsible for cleaning, servicing, and maintaining transit vehicles and facilities.

Length: 4 hours (Train-the-Trainer)

Fee: Free


Amy Gornik