FTA Real Estate Requirements


The acquisition of real estate and the displacement of persons for an FTA assisted project is regulated by the Uniform Act. FTA has also developed various additional regulatory guidance materials for its real estate activities. The practical application of the law and the other regulatory materials is often confusing for grantees. This course is an introduction to those issues and provides attendees with a hands-on experience for many aspects of the real estate requirements. These include appraisals, appraisal review, negotiation, relocation, and the development of a RAMP and Relocation Plan. Additionally, the course discusses non-Uniform Act issues such as in-kind contributions and donations.



Duration: 2 Days (in person)
Contact: Myrna Sirleaf
Email: msirleaf@nti.rutgers.edu
Audience: This Real Estate course is intended for grantees that are or will be acquiring right-of-way for their projects and for regional personnel, who have real estate as a collateral duty.