FTA Advanced Real Estate Requirements

FTA grantees must grasp and adhere to all stipulations outlined in the Uniform Act and its implementing regulations, alongside additional FTA regulatory directives concerning real estate acquisition. This course presents advanced topics for grantees who are responsible for real estate acquisition and builds upon concepts and applications addressed in the FTA Real Estate Requirements prerequisite course. The course topics are organized by activities that occur in the typical sequencing of real estate acquisition for a transit project. The first segment of the course discusses pre-acquisition activities, which include title review, NEPA requirements, environmental site assessments, and managing consultants. The second segment addresses acquisition activities, such as valuation, offers of just compensation, negotiations, and condemnation. This section also examines voluntary transactions and relocation requirements when the acquisition causes a displacement. The course concludes with a look at post-acquisition activities associated with managing the acquired property, along with a discussion about what should be contained in a parcel work file and what may occur during an FTA audit. Throughout the course, attendees will apply concepts using various activities and exercises.