Introduction to Environmental Justice

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This training will instruct FTA’s grantees on how to effectively satisfy the requirements of Executive Order 12898, U.S. DOT Order 5610.2(a), and FTA Circular 4703.1 on Environmental Justice.  It is intended to serve as guidance for practitioners, reviewers, and grantees on effective ways for integrating the consideration of Environmental Justice impacts throughout the transportation planning and project development/NEPA processes.


  • Identify the difference between Title VI and Environmental Justice
  • Discuss the importance of environmental justice and how it affects transportation decision-making
  • Explore the changing environment of transportation, and how to consider environmental justice in transportation planning and project development
  • Understand the compliance process for planning and implementing under NEPA


Regional/Metropolitan Planning Organization, State Department of Transportation, and transit agency staff.

Length: 2 Days

CEUs: 1.40

Andrea Dixon