Environmental and Sustainability Management Systems (ESMS) Introductory Online Course

Register here for the ESMS Introductory Online Course. You will need to first register for the course through Rutgers Continuing Studies and will then need a Canvas account to access the course:

Please note: This course is an online, self-paced course. There is no set start date or start time. Your start date is the date you start taking the course.  Also, this course is for informational purposes only; no CEUs/PHDs or certificates will be awarded upon completion.

This online training course is designed for transit agencies interested in understanding the fundamentals of an Environmental and Sustainability Management Systems (ESMS).

The course is comprised of self-paced modules that provide an introduction to the concepts of an ESMS. These modules are derived from the content of the intensive Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Environmental and Sustainability Management System (ESMS) Training and Technical Assistance Institute for Transit Agencies.

This online offering is aimed at those in the transit industry who:

  • Want to learn more about an ESMS
  • Are considering establishing an ESMS at their facility
  • Have recently joined a team with an existing ESMS
  • Are looking for a way to promote sustainability

The audience for this course includes:

  • Executives and senior managers
  • Environmental managers and consultants
  • Operators and maintenance staff
  • Administrative staff