Advanced Title VI and Public Transit

Note: We strongly recommend that all participants in this course have either 1) successfully completed NTI’s introductory-level course Overview of Title VI and Public Transit, or 2) have 5-7 years experience with Title VI policy and/or programming. 


The Advanced Title VI course guides practitioners in creating and implementing equitable policies and practices, making federally compliant decisions, and conducting appropriate analyses. This course takes a deeper dive into the elements affecting Title VI and transit, including the communities impacted, best practices for gathering data and information, and requirements for agencies to provide equitable services.


  • Explore the history of discriminatory policies that affect underrepresented communities today and the environment in which transit operates.
  • Discuss the importance of public participation, including connecting with LEP communities to improve transit services.
  • Drill into the Title VI Circular requirements and their implications on transit agencies
  • Examine how to create equitable policies and carry out effective equity analyses.


We will cover the following topics in this course: the historical context of Title VI issues, differentiating between Title VI and EJ, creating meaningful public participation opportunities, Title VI requirements for transit providers, the development of equity policies, and the guidelines for fare equity and service equity analyses.

Transit Planners, Civil Rights Officers, Operations Staff directly involved with Title VI, Transit Agency Staff or others with direct experience and in-depth knowledge of the impacts of service and fare equity analysis. This course focuses on in-depth Title VI elements and issues; and is not meant for those new to Title VI issues. Registrants must have completed the NTI Overview of Title VI and Public Transit Course or have, at least, 7 years of Title VI experience.


Length: 3 days (NTI will only issue Certificates of Completion to individuals who attend the entire course. Please plan to attend all 3-day sessions.)

Fee: Free

Program Coordinator: Myrna Sirleaf