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State and Metropolitan Transportation Programming


This course provides instruction on the basic concepts, components, and participants in the transportation programming process. Current and best practices will be incorporated into the program. The two and one-half day program covers the metropolitan and statewide programming processes required under the federal transportation planning regulations, and the variety among state programming processes including typical legal, political, and traditional process constraints, as well as aspects of local programming.


Professional planners and programmers at state departments of transportation, metropolitan planning organizations, local governments, and transit operators and authorities.


  • Improve the programming process by enhancing participants understanding of it
  • Strengthen the multimodal nature of programming by providing insights and tools
  • Enhance communications between diverse agencies by identifying commonality of interests
  • Improve the technical components of the programming process by providing the tools


3 days

  • $700.00 for Contractor, Consulting, Non-USA Transportation or Government Agency, Other, Non-Profit (USA only).
  • Free for all others.
CEU's: 2.00


Please contact the course manager for course information.