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National Transit Database (Urban Reporting)

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The goal of this course is to help transit professionals learn the necessary skills for reporting urban data to the NTD internet reporting website.

Topics include:

  • Benefits and impacts associated with the NTD annual reporting
  • Defining the apportionments (i.e., Urbanized Area Formula Program - UAFP, Small Transit Intensive Cities - STIC, and Fixed Guideway Modernization)
  • "Who" reports and "What" to report
  • NTD annual reporting website, functionality and automation
  • The 6 standard NTD reporting modules (Basic Information, Financial, Asset, Service, Resource, and Federal Funding Allocation) as well as Declarations and Independent Auditor Statements
  • Report year updates

**Note: this course does not cover Rural Reporting or Safety & Security Reporting. Please check our webinar offerings for information regarding those topics.


This course is intended for transit professionals whose responsibilities include some or all of the following related to the National Transit Database (NTD): reporting, statistical compilation, or other financial duties and activities. This is an introductory level course. The content is geared for people with little or no experience using the NTD reporting system.

The NTD Classroom sessions are primarily intended for anyone who is new to NTD Reporting, and who has not previously attended an NTD Classroom Session.  This two-day course covers all aspects of completing a full NTD Report, from the perspective of someone who is unfamiliar with NTD reporting.  If your system is planning on requesting a Small Systems Waiver, you should not sign up for this course, as most of the material will not be relevant to you.  Additionally, anyone covered by the Rural NTD Reporting System should not sign up for this course.   Finally, Safety & Security reporting is not covered in this course, but is covered by a separate webinar.

2 days

  • $300.00 for Contractor, Consulting, Non-USA Transportation or Government Agency, Other.
  • Free for all others.
CEU's: 1.40


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